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  Our Teachers    

Who we Are?
Our music instructors love music and teaching. They pride themselves in making the learning of music fun and entertaining. Our instructors understand the life-long value music brings to one's life. 
Our Values


We value the role of music plays in whole brain development. We bring years of experience to all our students. We strive to make our lessons fun and engaging in an age appropriate manner for all our students. We value patience, kindness, and understanding in all our instruction.

Selection Process


Hundreds of music teacher apply to be a part of the Kwala Music team. We only select the best-of-the-best. Our instructors are not only selected for the mastery of their realm, but their ability to relate with kids and passion for teaching.  

What to expect?


When a Kwala Music teachers shows up at your house you can expect 1.) kid-friendly with age appropriate activities 2.) someone passionate about music and child development 3.) the start of a relationship that will last a lifetime.