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  Instruments We Specialize In   


Piano/keyboard is easy to learn and a great way to learn a foundation in music that is translated to other realms. Unlike other instruments where the player must “find” the note, the piano is very straight forward key selection. Don’t have piano? No problem! View our “Rent to own” program and have a keyboard of your own in 3 months.


Ready to take your voice to the next level? Voice lessons will develope fundmental techniques to improve voice quality, tone, rythme and more. Improve self-confidence, public speaking skills, and emotional intelligence all through learning how to sing!

Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)

‚ÄčGuitar is an instrument at the core of our American society. A beautiful sting instrument that can entertain any group of people, young and old. We recommend guitar lessons for children as young as 7 years old.


The beloved violin is great instrument to learn for students as young at 5 years old. While the instrument is surrounded by a romantic aura of mystique, when taught correctly, they can be very easy to learn and fun to master.


Let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy banging on the drums? Drums is a great instrument for children as young as 5 years old to learn. Drum lessons provide a great foundation in music with emphasis on rhythm and timing. We recommend starting with electrum drum sets to build the love for the instrument needed to justify a larger investment.