1. What does it take to succeed as an instructor?

Connection with the student... the instructors who can build a strong connection with their students will succeed at the position. Obviously knowing the instrument is important as well, but not critical as the connection.


 2. What is the age of the students?

Most students are elementary age with zero exposure to music lessons.


3. How much is the pay?

Pay is great... $25 an hour if instructor is at the stop for 1 hour or more (most stops are at least an hour). If instructor is there 30 min... pay rate is $30 an hour. All instructors are paid as independent contractors and paid twice a month.


4. How far do I have to drive?

Not far at all. Our goal is to design routes that are within 10 miles of the instructors house. All lessons are performed in our clients homes.


5. What are the hours?

Totally up to the instructor. The highest demand is after school hours from 3 pm to 8 pm. Some instructors work every day those hours, some instructors only work 1 or 2 days a week.


6. What instruments are we hiring for?

Our highest demand is beginner piano, guitar and voice. However we do at times have a need for violin, drums, and other instruments.

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